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How to play roulette online

Roulette is all time favourite casino game that provides players with an exciting experience. The roulette wheel has been a stalwart feature in land based casinos for decades, but now with advanced technology players can also play roulette online. The concept of online roulette is very similar to playing in a live casino. Online casino sites have a selection of roulette tables that you can choose from, many of these will have themes and you’ll be able to choose the table that allows you to stake an amount you’re comfortable with. If you’ve deposited some funds into your betting account you’ll then be able to place your bet, just like with a live casino you do this by selecting your chip size and placing your chips on the table to make your selection. There are a number of options here, you can select red or black, odd or even numbers, a number range, or you might even identify the exact number you think the ball will land on. The lower the probability also means the higher return. Once all players have placed their bets the wheel will spin and the ball will be dropped onto the wheel. When the ball stops spinning on the wheel, whatever number it has landed on determines the outcome. This is when you’ll discover if you’ve won your roulette bet. 

Rules of online roulette

Now you know the basics of playing roulette online, if you haven’t played online or at a real casino then we can share some more useful roulette tips with you to help you understand more. First of is how the roulette table works. You may have seen a table looking sleek with chips on it but are wondering what the boxes on the table are. A roulette table is separated into two sections, the inside and outside. The inside contains 36 numbers which are either red or black, as well as large 0. The outside than has larger boxes that cover a range of outcomes, including red or black, odd or even etc. The rule is to place your chips on the section of the table you predict the ball will land on. There are variations of roulette which will change how the table looks. European roulette is the most common and played at most online casinos, but you can also find American roulette. On an American roulette table there is also a double 0, which works in the houses favour as it lowers the probability of winning. Along with the different variations a lot of online casinos also offer live roulette which allows you to play roulette with a live dealer from your online account.  

Online roulette betting options

Once you’re familiar with the roulette table it’s time to decide what type of bet you want to place. You may hear croupiers and experienced casino players using all kinds of lingo, don’t be confused though as once you understand the different kinds of roulette terminology you’ll be able to place you chips and take on the house and it’s actually very simple.

Inside bets

Straight: Betting on a single number.

Split: Splitting your bet across two numbers.

Street: Covering three numbers in a line.

Corner/ Square Places: Placing a bet on the corner of four numbers.

Six Line/ Double Street: Betting on six numbers, with chips places on two adjacent lines. 

Trio: Betting on three numbers, including zero.

First Four: Betting on 0-1-2-3.

Basket: A first four bet and the double zero.

Outside bets

Low: Betting on 1-18

High: Betting on 19-36

Red or black: Selecting red or black.

Odd or even: Selecting odd or even.

Dozen: Selecting the first, second or third section of the board, equal to 12 numbers. 

Column: A bet covering an entire vertical column, equal to 12 numbers. 

Snake: A bet covering 1-5-9-12-14-16-19-23-27-30-32-24. 

Strategy to win at online roulette

After discovering the design of the roulette table and learning the different bet types you’ll be ready to join a table and bet on roulette online. We wanted to give you some handy roulette tips though to give you the best chance of winning. Start off by knowing your finances and managing your bankroll. If you place small bets to begin with until you get comfortable and don’t be tempted to increase too early if go on a winning streak. Outside bets are the best place to start, they don’t return as high winnings as inside bets but are less risky and will allow you win some spins early on whilst becoming familiar with the process. After you’ve been playing a while you might decide to play a bit more risky and that’s where you could use some of the more advanced roulette betting systems such as the Fibonacci roulette strategy, D’Alembert roulette strategy or the Martingale roulette strategy

Best online roulette sites 2023

With the knowledge of an expert roulette player you’ll want to find an online roulette site that allows you to showcase your skills. There are a lot of betting sites with roulette but some are better than others. It’s important that the site has payment methods that allow you to make deposits and withdraw your winnings speedily. Whilst a site that works with reputable casino game providers is important so that they can offer you a range of roulette tables to play at and a reliable service. Here at Best Bets in Canada we partner with the best online roulette sites in Canada so you’ll be able to find a site for you. 

Online roulette bonus

To get used to the different casino sites and roulette sites available you’ll be able to find the best online casino bonuses that you can redeem on online roulette. These include matched deposit bonuses where you’ll receive some free credit when you make first deposit. This allows you to play the game at no risk. So check out the online roulette promotions that our partners have made available for you and open your account to start playing roulette today.